Certification of knuckle boom cranes

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Importance of certifying a knuckle boom crane

The certification program is designed to meet the requirements of clause 5.3.4 of the CSA Z150.3-17 Safety Code on Articulating Boom Cranes. It ensures safe operation of the boom truck when used and maintained according to the manufacturer’s requirements and operating restrictions.

The certification process includes a visual examination, further examination by non-destructive testing (magnetic particles), and a load test. The process and results are documented by our engineer in accordance with CAN/CGSB 48.9712/ISO 9712 requirements. A certificate is then issued.

We certify all brands of knuckle boom cranes

Our facilities and our experienced team allow us to act professionally and quickly to limit the downtime of your equipment. We conduct rigorous non-destructive testing to detect any cracks that may render the equipment inoperable or cause structural damage. You can be sure that your teams are working on compliant, safe equipment.

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